This monitoring network has around 60 monitoring locations spread over the Westerschelde and the province of Zeeland.
This monitoring network has around 15 monitoring locations spread along the Flemish coast. Also linked to the OMS in Zeebrugge

The following parameters are offered at a wide range of locations

Water level
Current speed and direction
Wave height, period and direction
Water temperature
Expected high/low water
Expected maximum swell

As well as parameters, free text messages are also available


Hymedis is a distribution centre for hydro-meteo information located in Vlissingen.

Two monitoring networks (Vlaamse banken and HMC) send up-to-date information on water level, wind, current, etc. to this centre on a continual basis. This information is processed and via wireless and fixed communication offered to the pilots, official vessels and quay stations active in the area.

This information can be consulted using various end-applications. (click on a figure for a description)

WAP ECDIS Fixed map

Hymedis Board Unit


Hymedis is a joint Belgian-Dutch initiative of the Department for Maritime Services and Coast (MDK) and Ministry of Traffic and Water Management, Department of Public Works and Water Management Zeeland (RWS). The project is managed by the Management and Operating Team of the Scheldt Radar Chain (BET)

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Hymedis uses GPRS for the wireless distribution of information. (Click on the figure for more details)